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TNT Excavating has specialized in stream rehabilitation over the last 17 years with over 28 years of operating experience. With training and experience we have learned to improve watersheds and restore natural channel design. We have restored almost 700,000 lineal feet on over 100 stream projects. These projects have consisted of bridge replacements, removal of diversion structures, undersized culverts, floodplain formation, in stream structures, improved wetland, fish passage concerns, bank erosion and sediment transport issues. TNT Excavating has joined together with private landowners, State and Federal agencies, non-profit organizations and consultants on a variety of stream projects throughout the years. Although we specialize in stream rehabilitation we also provide all types of residential and commercial dirt work.

Our varied equipment fleet has Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities, which we have found to be particularly suited to stream projects. Over time, we have learned that striving to meet each unique objective in every project completed provides the foundation for serving our clients. The right equipment and resources coupled with sound, professional management are the backbone of the value and high quality service that we provide.

TNT Excavating
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