The Heart of the Blackfoot River Valley

Ovando, Montana is the perfect scenic blend of old and new. One hundred year old buildings nestled onto the beautiful valley floor with the Swan and Garnet mountains rising from its edges. Hundreds of thousands of acres of open ranch country surround you. Just by strolling the streets you will walk through a piece of Montana history and culture


a friendly little montana town

Ovando is full of recreational possibilities and dreams. It is the southern entry to the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness and home to the fabled Blackfoot River and its tributaries. Ovando is the perfect remote spot to spend an hour, a day, a weekend or a week.

With only a population of 50 residents, Ovando, Montana provides the quiet solitude so expected on a Montana retreat. Remotely situated on Highway 200; 60 miles from Missoula, and over 80 from Helena and Great Falls, Ovando allows for more scenery per capita, than any other small town.

Come visit Ovando anytime of year. Summer allows for some of the best fishing in the state, camping along criks, rivers and lakes, and riding horses and hiking into the mountains and wilderness. Winter allows for snow-mobiling through hundreds of miles of groomed trails, cross country skiing on gentle slopes and snow shoeing through rugged terrain. Spring allows for glorious views of wild flowers and the greening of the valley from its ranch land pastures to the turning of the deciduous larches. Fall brings its own spectrum of colors and beautiful warm days.

Ovando has inns and ranches to stay at and restaurants to eat from. Shops to buy gifts from and stores to get your food and recreational fill from.

You can explore on your own or hire one of the many guides available. Ovando is a historical site and on the Lewis and Clark trail.

Don't miss Ovando - the little jewel in the heart of the Treasure State.

You deserved happiness

Happy Travelers & Visitors

“You can get a meal, stock up, and even stay over when it gets necessary. The wagon and teepees were a welcomed site.”

Long Range Cyclist — Cyclist Traveler

“Ovando is an awesome place to come upon after a lonely, long stretch of road. ”

cyclist — Continental Divide Rider

“I think I've found my 2nd favorite place on earth.”

Cyclist Eric M. — Eric M.

“There's something calming about this place. Ovando just makes you feel good…..seriously. I'm not joking.”

Feel Good — Ovando Visitor