Highly-Crafted Originals

Tim Swanberg Woodwork

The furniture I design and build in my shop north of Ovando is best described as traditional. Some pieces incorporate Asian design elements, while others are influenced by the Arts-and-Crafts era of the early 20th century. What all pieces have in common are mortise-and-tenon joinery, solid wood, and an attention to detail not seen in manufactured furniture. Pieces are planed and scraped smooth before finishing with either an oil/varnish mix or lacquer. Similar to the construction of furniture, my concern in designing large-scale cabinetry and built-ins is that they appear unique. I prefer to use inset doors with butt hinges, wide face frames that permit application of molding, and bases derived from traditional furniture.

Most of my work is commissioned on an individual basis, although pieces from small production runs are currently displayed in two Missoula galleries as well as at the Ovando Christmas Festival. People wanting to commission pieces are welcome to visit the shop to see works in progress, to go through my portfolio, and to discuss design possibilities. I typically need two to six months lead time to complete pieces. Delivery out of the area is possible by common carrier.

Tim Swanberg Woodwork
PO Box 92
1457 Monture Creek Road
Ovando, MT 59854

406 793 5038