Form & Function

Middle Earth Pottery

Middle Earth Pottery is operated by Jan Fuller Farrar and was first established in Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 1974. The pottery studio had several subsequent homes, following Jan's and her husband John's day job careers, before finally settling, in 2004, into the basement of a log home nestled at the base of Ovando Mountain in Montana. In the interim, between 1982 and 2007, pottery production side-tracked into bead production and then evolved to the creation of beadwork jewelry (see MountainSide BeadWorks). Functional ware pottery production began again in 2007 and is now in full operation.

The major focus of the pottery produced is on utilitarian tableware and vessels with attention to aesthetic form and functionality. The glazes used are lead free and are uniquely developed by Jan to fit the clay body, which is a mid fire, vitrified stoneware. All pottery is lead free; food, dishwasher and microwave safe; and oven proof.

Custom orders are welcomed, allowing up to a month for delivery, depending on the size of the order. Additionally, selected pieces of Jan's pottery can be found locally at The Stray Bullet Café, Blackfoot Angler and Blackfoot Commercial Company in Ovando and the High Country Trading Post in Lincoln, MT.

Jan Fuller Farrar
P.O. Box 114
Ovando, MT 59854