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Discoveries in Wood

Discoveries in Wood features the woodworking of Dona and Gary Aitken who live along the North Fork of the Blackfoot River in Ovando MT.  They make a variety of products for your home, many of which are made from local woods and/or pine needles.

Gary uses blue stained pine (milled here from local beetle-killed Ponderosa Pine trees) to make personalized toy boxes.

Dona uses local Rocky Mountain Juniper, Aspen,  Birch or Maple, to turn lamps, ornaments, vases, bowls, platters and planters. She completes the lamps with wooden shades in collaboration with Gary who makes the framework (usually out of walnut) while Dona makes the wood veneer panels (e.g. bird's eye maple, cypress, maple, or ash on a velum backing)  with or without a marquetry design on one panel.

Pyrography, a burning technique to add texture,  may be used to decorate bowls or vases.

Marquetry is used to decorate serving trays and platters, boxes and Kleenex box covers in designs that can be customized to your needs.

Dona uses locally shed ponderosa pine needles for baskets or as trim on platters, bowls or vases

Dona Aitken
609 Old Trailhead Lane
Ovando MT 59854
406 793 5836

Ovando, Montana

Providing quiet solitude of the expected Montana retreat while offering amazing recreation and western adventures that can be enjoyed with the character of this friendly little town.

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