Blackfoot Challenge


Our story began in the early 1970s, when landowners along the Blackfoot River began gathering community support for conservation and sharing the resources through public and private partnerships. At the time, that was a far-sighted idea, especially in a state known for its rugged individualism. But the consensus approach was so effective that in 1993, they officially formed the Blackfoot Challenge. Our mission: to coordinate efforts that conserve and enhance the natural resources and rural way of life throughout the watershed.

Our approach is to provide regular communication about natural resource stewardship. Run by a volunteer Board of private landowners, federal and state land managers, and local government officials, we follow a consensus-based model, involving all watershed landowners and managers, and coordinating partnership and resources to benefit the Blackfoot Watershed.

Here is what we do –

  • Education – Foster resource stewardship in youth through place-based education
  • Forestry – Restore forest health, create defensible space, and increase community safety
  • Outreach – Share the community-based and partnership-centered approach with others
  • Water – Voluntary water conservation grounded in shared sacrifice and shared commitment
  • Weeds – Integrated, locally-led approaches to noxious weed management across fence lines
  • Wildlife – Reduce human-wildlife conflicts through proactive and preventative strategies

The Blackfoot Challenge, Inc
405 Main Street
Ovando, MT 59854
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